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London's Finest Personal Trainers

We come to you, we get RESULTS!

Our London personal trainers are highly qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and most importantly, we get great results. Representing our brand after being selected as the leading male and female personal trainer's in their area, gives you the reassurance that by using one of our trainers, you will be working with the very best.

We have 20 of the UK's leading male and female personal trainers that provide mobile personal training in the your home, gym, the park or your place of work. Regardless of your age or your current level of fitness our personal trainers provide a customised service where your fitness programme is designed specifically for you to enable you to reach your goals safely, effectively and under the guidance of the leading personal trainer in your area.

You may also want to work out on your own between your personal training sessions and your personal trainer will be able to create a training programme for you that you can then view and download through your online support system. As well as guiding you through your training programme, your personal trainer will be there to offer you advice on nutrition, weight management and making lifestyle changes to help you feel great. Contact your local London Trainer today!

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No more time wasted calling around trying to find a London Personal Trainer, just get in touch today and let us know your postcode so we can let you know which team members cover your area. All of our male and female personal trainers will come to your home, gym, the park or your place of work...

Our Brand, Our Vision - PT-FIT

Welcome to PT-FIT,
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Whether you're looking to transform your body for a special occasion, improve your fitness for a challenge that lies ahead, lose fat or simply want to gain a better quality of health by making positive changes to your lifestyle, we can provide the expertise to help you reach your goal.

Personal Trainers London - PT-FIT

Do you find gyms intimidating? Want guaranteed results? PT-FIT is the solution you need. Our qualified London personal trainers ensure the best possible results, whilst also enhancing comfort and convenience.

We understand that gyms aren’t for everyone. If you are not experienced with gym equipment it can seem like a bit of minefield. Without a background in health and fitness it’s impossible to optimise your results and get the most from your gym session on your own.

A lot of people also feel uncomfortable working out in front of others. Whilst there really is no need to feel self-conscious, it is hard not to when you are surrounded by people, especially if they all look like fitness fanatics.

Maybe you’d quite like to go to a gym, but you don’t drive and there’s not one in a convenient location. The scenarios vary. However, we have a solution that can make all of these worries and problems disappear. You’ll achieve better results faster, and you’ll do so with little disruption to your daily routine and without having to worry about exercising in front of others.

Why choose a mobile personal trainer?
  • • You can exercise from the comfort of your own home.
  • • You don’t need any equipment. Your personal trainer will have skipping ropes, hand weights, medicine balls and much, much more.
  • • You will benefit from one-on-one training, which is assured to provide much better results.
  • • Your personal trainer will assess your fitness requirements to make sure the exercises are tailored to suit your needs and goals.
  • • Your personal trainer will provide you with the motivation and confidence you need to keep going.
  • • You don’t have to sign up for a gym membership, which means you avoid the associated fees and being tied into a contract.
  • • You can be confident that you are using the machinery correctly. Incorrect use can cause serious damage to the body.
  • • Your personal training appointments will be organised to suit you and your lifestyle.

A lot of people assume that a personal trainer is going to be too expensive. We seem to have this perception that it is something only the rich and famous can afford. However, that is certainly not the case. In fact, personal trainers can be a much more cost efficient option, especially when you consider the fact that you will achieve your desired results much quicker.

If you would like to discover more about what PT-FIT can do for you, or if you have any questions about our service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can even book a free home training consultation with one of our personal trainers in London. Simply dial 020 3287 3743 or send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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David Miller

My experience thus far with PT-FIT has been exceptional.

The results I have seen in such a short space of time have totally given me faith in having a Personal Trainer for the long term!
Sharat Patel

I have lost over 2 stone since starting with PT-FIT!

Having tried a few Personal Training Companies in the past, PT-FIT seem to be way above the rest when it comes to professionalism and training methods!
Jeff Bond

By far the best Personal Training service in London!

I would highly recommend these guys to anyone wanting to achieve their fitness goals! The support and motivation I have received has been first class from day one!

Why you should choose our London Personal Trainers?

When it comes to finding the best personal trainer London has to offer, there are a number of things you should be looking for. You want to find a qualified trainer who has great experience and knowledge on their chosen disciplines and strategies. You want to find a personal trainer that you feel comfortable with but who will also drive you on to better results. Most importantly, you want to find a personal trainer that delivers brilliant results.

At PT-Fit London, we are delighted to say that we have 20 of the leading male and female personal trainers in London and we offer a mobile personal training programme that is tailored to your needs. No matter what your age, current fitness level or fitness goals are, we will design a fitness programme that is tailored to you, your expectations and your confidence levels. We will also provide you with a training programme so you can keep up the hard work in between your sessions. We don’t just focus on working out or training regimes, we provide assistance on:

When it comes to finding the London personal trainer that will push you on, we have exactly what you need.

We know that there are plenty of reasons and excuses for not working out and we aim to provide you with the solutions that will help you focus on weight loss or fitness.

I Don’t Like Gyms
This is a common complaint from people about why they don’t get enough exercise. To be honest, it’s a fair complaint. You can pay a lot of money for gym membership and your gym may be crowded, understocked and not an appealing place to visit. If your fitness and health ambitions have been thwarted due to your aversion to gyms, we can help,

At PT-Fit London, we can help you exercise from the comfort of your own home, a garden, a public park or many other places. If you want to be healthier but don’t like the location options you currently have, let the most flexible personal trainers London has to offer change that situation

I Don’t Train Well In Groups
Many people feel intimidated working in a group environment. If you much prefer to work out without the intrusion of others, we can help. Our personal trainers provide a one-to-one service. This will offer you more comfort but it will also provide a sharp focus on you and what you need. If you feel as though you don’t get the chance to understand certain routines when you work in a group, having your own London personal trainer will change all that.

I Don’t Have Equipment And Don’t Want To Spend Money On Them Now
We know that the cost of getting fit is less of a necessity than many other aspects, but we aim to provide you with an affordable value for money solution. Your personal trainer will be able to provide equipment like medicine balls, hand weights and skipping ropes so you don’t need to spend your money on these items to get fitter.

I Don’t Know What Exercises Or Routines Are Best For Me?
While the internet has been a great boon for society, there can be such a thing as too much information. When it comes to fitness or weight loss, there is a lot of information on line but how can you be sure that what you read is right for your needs? You can’t but this is where we are here to help. Your personal trainer will assess your fitness levels and work out a bespoke training programme tailored to your goals and needs.

I Find It Hard To Motivate Myself To Exercise
While we all want to be fitter or in better condition, the pressure and strain of life can often lead us to forgoing the exercise or sensible nutritional focus we need. If you are looking for additional motivation, work with the leading personal trainers London has to offer and we will ensure that you are motivated and focused on achieving your fitness goals.